Chance, Mieli, Chaos & Apollo
This is the first picture I was able to take of all four of the little guys together following Chaos' arrival. Chance
and Chaos are on the wood perch, Mieli is on the cage roof below them and Apollo is on the rope perch at the
far right. It was actually quite rare to get all four of them to stay in close proximity when they were outside
the cage (unless there was a treat attracting their common attention). Chaos can't fly and as a result
he is very shy about coming out of the cage at all, and trying to keep them all together on
the rare occasion that he does was nearly impossible.

The above is the only picture I have with all four together; Chance developed nerve damage affecting his right leg in November 2011 which eventually affected other parts of his body. He passed away January 18, 2012 from those complications.

And then, because Chance had been so outgoing, Mieli and Apollo got very quiet, so Mickaboo sent them two more flock members, Miracle and Volvo (who arrived on March 4, 2013). They differed in appearance from the rest, although they are both green budgies; Miracle was a clearwing, which means the black markings on his wings and head are a light grey instead, and Volvo was a partial opaline, with more yellow on his head.

It took me almost five months to get them to all sit reasonably close together when the camera was handy, but finally:

Chaos, Apollo, Miracle, Volvo & Mieli

There were (as of June 2013) five budgies in the flock. September 26, 2013 brought us Martin, Hyacinth and Peter. But 2014 wasn't a good year: Mieli, like Tiki before him, developed an inoperable tumor near his abdomen and had to be euthanized February 13, 2014; Peter passed away from old age the morning of April 1, 2014, and Apollo left us June 11, 2014 after battling liver damage for more than a year. (I am realizing that there are going to be a lot of budgies waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when I die.)

I wasn't able to get them all to sit still long enough for a picture of all eight, so here is one taken the day after Apollo passed away, which shows Martin and Hyacinth for the first time. Peter never had a chance to get his picture taken.

Volvo, Chaos, Miracle, Martin & Hyacinth

Percy came along two weeks after Apollo left, on June 27, when the family he had been originally adopted by suddenly decided they were "bored with him" (they must be nuts!) and the Mickaboo budgie team decided he was better off living here than going through the foster/adoption process again. I think it was a good decision.

Three more Mickaboo budgies came here to live on September 19, 2014. Poppy has a bad wing which both causes him difficulty in flying and doesn't fold against his body at rest, so rather than keep him in foster hoping someone would overlook his imperfection and adopt him anyway we all figured he was better off being part of my flock. And since we were arranging transport for him we took the opportunity to send two more green boys from a huge flock of 60 that were surrendered in April of that year; they look so much alike I called them Copy & Paste (allegedly until better names became apparent, but that never happened and those are still their names).

We lost Miracle less than a year later, on June 15, 2015 ... most likely cause was respiratory failure, says the flock's vet, but she wasn't certain. Volvo made it 22 minutes into the four-year anniversary of his joining the flock (March 4, 2017) before succumbing to an enlarged liver. A tumor claimed Percy's life on February 12, 2019.

The budgies have their own e-mail address if you want to write and tell them what pretty little boys they are.

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