More pics of former companion budgies, all adopted from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue:

Chance, Apollo & Mieli
The guys sitting on perches mounted on the outside of their cage. Notice how relaxed and comfortable they were with their surroundings.
On the natural wood perch: Chance on the left, Apollo on the right. On the rope perch, excited about having his picture taken: Mieli.

Chance, Apollo & Mieli
With their treat dish, on my desk. On the dish: Mieli on the left, Chance on the right. In the background: Apollo.

Chance, Apollo & Mieli
What I usually got to see when they are in a feeding frenzy ... just their bodies and tail feathers.
Nevertheless, I knew them well enough to identify them: Mieli, Apollo, Chance (left to right).

Chance, Apollo & Mieli
Chance and Apollo (inside the cage) having a conversation with Mieli (who decided the top of the water bottle
makes a nice perch). Also visible inside the cage is a big leaf of their favorite vegetable, mustard greens.

Mieli nibbling on his favorite treat ... parsley. (Sorry it's fuzzy ... the camera auto-focused on the cage bars
instead of the budgie, but this is too cute to not post just because of a slight focusing problem.)

Mieli & Chance
Parsley again ... this time next to the budgie playpen. Mieli attacked from inside the
playpen while Chance sat on an adjacent rope perch to get his share.

Mieli, Apollo & Chance
Mieli, Apollo and Chance sitting inside the door to their cage, having a conference about something.
I always liked to think it's about how nice their person is to them.

The flock increased to four on June 17, 2011, when Chaos made this his forever home too. Naturally, that meant more pics.

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue