Here are some pictures of my budgie Tiki Bird, who was with me for a little over three years (September 18, 2006 to February 1, 2010).

An early picture, when he was still a baby (you can tell from the barred feathers still extending in front of his eyes
on the top of his head). He loved fresh wheat grass sprouts and natural wood perches.

Left: Tiki had one quality that particularly endeared him to me; he loved fresh fruit and raw vegetables. In the summertime, this meant the inability to have watermelon without him mooching some. He was also fond of bananas, raw carrots and raw broccoli.
Right: A particularly good shot of Tiki sitting on a rope perch fastened to the outside of his cage. As has been the case with all my budgies, Tiki had full flight capability and was allowed to be outside his cage when I was home.

Sometimes he wanted to sit on my desk while I was working. I got him this rocker perch and he
obviously was quite pleased with himself for having his own special place to sit.

And this is a shot of him sitting on my arm.

Tiki was going to be joined by two budgies from Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, Buddy and Chance, but he had to be put down before transport could be arranged for them.